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harmful molluscs

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There are some examples of molluscs that are harmful to human beings. Mollusca like jellyfish and few member of octopus, stings and bites the prey including human which may causes sensation and burning due to injection of small amount of venome. Their venome are not soo fetal to human beings and less than 10% death is caused due to stings by molluscs. Some freshwater snails assists in causing diseases (schistosomiasis) as they provide host to parasites.

Some examples of harmful molluscs are:

  • Hapalochlaena (Blue ringed octopus) - stings when provoked
  • Conus californicus (California cone) - cause pain, swelling, redness followed by difficulty in speaking, blurred vision, paralysis of muscles, difficulty breathing on stinging.
  • Octopus apollyon - stings causes inflamation for months
  • Octopus rubescens - causes necrosis
  • Snails and Slugs - Destroys the garden plants due to overeating the leaves & plumule.

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