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sources of evidence that shows existence of early humans.

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The most of the evidence comes from fossils that are discovered throughout the parts of world. Early humans give gave raise to modern humans after millions of years of progressive development in them. Fossils are the only evidence that proves the existence of early humans. A most closer early human that shares most of its characters with modern humans is Cro-magnon man.

Cro-magnon man is the last ancestor of modern human and is called as the direct ancestors of modern living man. They were evolved about 350, 000 years ago and were living in caves of Europe and other parts of world. It later gave rise to Homo sapiens sapiens (modern man).

Fossils of Cro-magnon man was discovered by Mac Gregor form rock caves of France in 1868. It was characterized by orthognathous face, broad and arched forehead, elevated nose, well developed chin and with cranial capacity of about 1650cc. One interesting fact found in Cro-magnon was presence of largest cranial capacity even more than modern human.

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