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List all the names of early humans

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Early human are the intermediate humans from which modern human evolved. The evolution of modern human is believed to be evolved from primitive eutherian ape like mammals. This process of evolution begins about 25-30 million years ago from ape like ancestors.

During progressive evolution from primitive to modern human, there are many intermediate early humans which were evolved. These early humans developed thinking power, skills, and other human like characters progressively from one generation to other. The modern human of present era is the filtered human from those early humans.

List of early humans (from primitive to more advanced)

  1. Australopithecus – First ape man
  2. Homo habilis – Tools maker
  3. Homo erectus – Erect man
  4. Homo erectus pekinensis - Peking man

True man including modern man

5. Homo sapiens neanderthalensis - Neanderthal man

6. Homo sapiens fossilis - Cro-magnon man

7. Homo sapiens sapiens - Living modern man

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