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Systematic classification of human

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Homo sapiens is the scientific name of human. Homo (Latin word meaning: man) represents the Genus whereas sapiens (Latin word meaning: wise) represent the Species.

Taxonomic classification (position) of human

Kingdom: Animalia - Absence of cell wall, presence of locomotion, complex food intake and digestion, depend on other for food.

Phylum: Chordata - Presence of notochord and dorsal hollow central nervous system

Sub-phylum: Vertebrata - Presence of dorsal vertebral column and cranium

Section: Gnathostomata - Presence of jaw for chewing

Super-class: Tetrapoda - Presence of 4-limbs (2 hand & 2 leg)

Class: Mammalia - Direct birth to young ones, Presence of mammary glands and air pinna

Sub-class: Theria - Viviparous (direct birth)

Infra-class: Eutheria - Presence of allantoic (true) placenta

Order: Primate - Hairy body, prehensile limbs and presence of nails over limb digits.

Sub-order: Anthropoidea - Muscles showing expression (facial muscles)

Family: Hominidae - Erect posture with bipedal locomotion

Genus: Homo - Man

Species: sapiens - Wise

Sub-species: sapiens - Most wise

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