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  • It are made from similar or only one type of atoms.
  • As it is made with only one type of atom, they are called as pure substance.
  • It cannot be broken or divided further.
  • Elements are found in smaller number as compared to molecules. Only 118 elements are known till 2021.
  • Elements are represented by symbols. For examples Hydrogen is denoted by ‘H’, Helium by ‘He’ and so on.
  • It is classified into metal, non-metals and metalloids based on their conductivity, malleability and ductility.
  • Examples of elements are hydrogen, sodium, potassium, copper, gold and all elements present in periodic table.

examples of element


  • Compounds are formed by the combination of different types of elements.
  • It is made with two or more types of elements.
  • It can be broken down into its constituent elements by means of different physical & chemicals methods.
  • Compounds are present in huge number and are countless.
  • Compounds are represented by their chemical formula. For examples water is chemically written as H2O, Salt as NaCl and so on.
  • It is classified into molecular, ionic, covalent compounds according to their nature of bonding present between elements of the compound.
  • Some examples of compounds are NaCl, H2O, glucose (C6H12O6) etc.

examples of compound

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