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Difference Between Distance and Displacement

 Shunil    December 29, 2021

Distance and displacement are two terms which measures the same quantity, length but in different ways. Distance is the total length covered ...

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Dimension of physical quantities, Uses & Limitations

 Shunil    April 11, 2021

Dimension of physical quantities is defined as the power to which the fundamental units are raised to represent it. The fundamental units of ...

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Mass Defect and Binding Energy |Formula & Solved Problems

 Shunil    March 8, 2021

Mass defect and binding energy are related to each other. By finding the value of mass defect we can easily calculate binding energy of nucle...

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What is the unit of radioactivity? S.I and CGS

 Shunil    March 7, 2021

Radioactivity is the spontaneous disintegration of heavy element without being affected by external means. The intensity of emitted radiation...

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Explain Nuclear Fusion with Example and Equation

 Shunil    March 6, 2021

Nuclear fusion is the phenomenon of fusing two or more lighter nuclei to form a heavy stable nucleus. It may release or absorb energy during ...

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Nuclear Fission |Examples |Equation |Process

 Shunil    March 5, 2021

Nuclear fission is defined as the process of splitting heavy unstable nucleus into two or more than two lighter nuclei. It is one of the type...

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Half Life & Mean Life| Definition| Formula| Differences

 Shunil    March 2, 2021

In Radioactive decay, half life and mean life are terms used to represent the time taken by radioactive substances/elements to disintegrate t...

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Rutherford Atomic Model| Experiment| Limitation

 Shunil    February 28, 2021

Rutherford Atomic Model was proposed by Physicist Earnest Rutherford to explain the atomic model in 1911. Till that date, only J.J Thomson&am...

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Bohr's Atomic Model | Postulates| Diagram| Limitations

 Shunil    February 26, 2021

Bohr’s atomic model is modified form of Rutherford atomic model. To overcome several limitation in Rutherford model, Niels Bohrs pr...

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10 Examples of Simple Harmonic Motion

 Shunil    January 6, 2021

Applications of science are making human beings more advanced. It is helping us in understanding different unknown phenomenon that are happen...

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Amplitude of Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)

 Shunil    January 4, 2021

Simple harmonic motion is a periodic motion in which a particle move to and fro repeatedly about a mean position in presence of restoring for...

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How does a telescope works with images and illustrations

 Shunil    December 27, 2020

Telescope is an optical instrument used for viewing distance objects, planets and interstellar objects. It consists of two or more convex len...

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Types of Thermometer, Scales, Uses & Formula

 Shunil    December 25, 2020

A thermometer is a device used to measure temperature of body or object. The measurement of temperature is called as thermometr...

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