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Examples of Dicot Plant| 20 plus examples with Picture

 Shunil    October 7, 2022

There are several examples of dicot plant which are distributed from our home garden to dense forest. Dicot plants are characterized by their...

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Bryophyta |Characteristic, Classification, Examples, Importance

 Shunil    October 3, 2021

The bryophyta are the first land habiting plants which includes 960 genera and 25,000 species. The plants belonging to Bryophyta are...

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Wilting - Definition, Cause, Types and Advantage in Plants

 Shunil    August 31, 2021

Wilting is defined as the rolling, folding or dropping of leaves and young stem due to loss of turgidity. It occurs due to high transpiration...

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Guttation – Definition, Mechanism, Examples & Importance in Plant

 Shunil    August 30, 2021

Guttation mainly occurs in tropical plants during hot and summer days. The droplets are mainly found on surface of leaf or at the apex part o...

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Branches (sub-disciplines) of Botany

 Shunil    August 29, 2021

In the earlier days, botany was not broadly divided and all sub-disciplines (branches) were studies under same course. As the division of bot...

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Photosynthesis |Cycle, Process, Diagram ☘️

 Shunil    April 19, 2021

Photosynthesis is defined as an anabolism process in which carbon dioxide and water is converted into glucose, t...

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Photoperiodism - Definition, Types & Importance in Plant

 Shunil    December 31, 2020

Photoperiodism is the effect of duration of light on living organism. It is also defined as the effect of photoperiod (duration of light) on ...

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Chloroplast- Shapes, Number, Pigments & Function

 Shunil    November 24, 2020

Chloroplast is the most common plastid which contains pigments for photosynthesis. It...

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Factors affecting transpiration - External & Internal factors

 Shunil    October 7, 2020

Transpiration is defined as the loss of excess water from aerial parts of plant in the form of water vapour. Transpiration in plant removes&a...

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5 major difference between osmosis and diffusion

 Shunil    September 27, 2020

Osmosis is the movement of solvent from higher water potential to lower water potential through a semi-permeable...

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Osmosis - Definition, Types, Tonicity & Examples

 Shunil    September 24, 2020

Osmosis is defined as the movement of solvent from higher concentration to lower co...

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