Examples of Echinodermata (with their class & common name)

Phylum Echinodermata consists of invertebrate marine species generally characterized by spiny skin. Echinoderms are exclusively marine, bottom dweller and few living on surfaces. There are about 7,000 living species of Echinodermata which are divided into 5 classes. They are classified based on shape or position of madreporite (water inlet pore) & characteristic of their digestive system.

Examples of Echinoderms with their common name  & class are listed below (with images).

Asterias common starfish1. Asterias

Common name: Star Fish or Sea Star

Class: Asteroidea


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Astropecten (Royal Starfish)2. Astropecten

Common name: Royal Starfish

Class: Asteroidea


Pentaceros (or sea pentagon)3. Pentaceros

Common name: Sea Pentagon

Class: Asteroidea


Ophiothrix (or brittle star)4. Ophiothrix

Commonly name: Brittle Star

Class: Ophiuroidea


Ophiolepis (or brittle star)5. Ophiolepis

Common name: Brittle Star

Class: Ophiuroidea


Gorgonoephalus6. Gorgonoephalus

Common name: Basket Star

Class: Ophiuroidea


Echinus ( or sea urchin)7. Echinus

Common name: Sea Urchin

Class: Echinoidea


Clypeaster (or cake urchin)8. Clypeaster

Common name: Cake Urchin

Class: Echinoidea


Echinocardium (or Heart Urchin)9. Echinocardium

Common name: Heart Urchin

Class: Echinoidea


Holothuria (or sea cucumber)10. Holothuria

Common name: Sea Cucumber

Class: Holothuroidea


Cucumaria (or sea cucumber)11. Cucumaria

Common nameL: Sea Cucumber

Classs: Holothuroidea


Antedon ( or sea lily or feather star)12. Antedon

Common name: Sea Lily or feather Star

Class: Crinoidea


Images source: wikipedia