10 Examples of Simple Harmonic Motion

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Applications of science are making human beings more advanced. It is helping us in understanding different unknown phenomenon that are happening everyday in our own life. By understanding these phenomenas, human being are able to make equipments, tools and machines that are boon for us. There are so many examples of simple harmonic motion that are playing great role in our daily life as well as making our daily life activities easier. 10 examples of simple harmonic motion are listed as:

  1. Simple pendulum
  2. Torsion pendulum
  3. Bungee jump
  4. Hearing process
  5. Mass loaded on a spring
  6. Swing
  7. Cradle
  8. Motion of body in hole drilled through center of earth
  9. Oscillation of liquid in U-shape tube
  10. Oscillation of block in liquid

Simple Pendulum

simple pendulum

Pendulum clock shows time on the basis of swinging mass that is hanging below the clock. This swinging mass also called as pendulum, moves to and fro motion. This type of motion performed by pendulum is simple harmonic motion. Thus, by application of SHM, pendulum clock are made which has great advantages in our daily life.

Torsion Pendulum

Torsion pendulum shows angular simple harmonic motion. This type of pendulum is used in time keeping device like mechanical wrist watch.

Bungee Jump

bunjee jump

Bungee jump is an example of SHM. The bungee cord when released oscillates to and fro & up and down which is of great entertaining purpose in our daily life.

Hearing Process

The process of hearing is of great importance in animal. When sound wave travels from outer environment to inner ear, the amplitude of wave vibrates eardrum in harmonic motion and perception of sound is recognized.

Mass Loaded on Springs

There are 2-cases on which the mass can be loaded on springs. One is series combination of springs and other is parallel combination of springs. In both cases when mass is loaded and released, spring oscillates to and fro along with loaded mass which is an example of SHM.


The motion of swing placed in parks, fair etc. is simple harmonic motion.


The to and fro motion of cradle is good examples of SHM. Due to this harmonic motion, cradle moves to and fro for long duration even in single push.

Motion of Body in Hole Drilled Through Center of Earth

When a hole is drilled through center of earth and a body is released inside it. Then it will never fall on other side of the earth’s hole. This is because center of gravity pulls body back to it’s center and when it is pulled at center, gravity is zero which in tern makes the body to fall again. This process of periodic motion of body inside earth hole is simple harmonic motion which is a theoretical example of SHM.

Oscillation of Liquid in U-shape Tube

When liquid placed in U-shaped tube is oscillated with the help of restoring force, the liquid inside each tube rises along the wall of tube which is simple periodic potion.

Oscillation of Block in Liquid

Oscillation of block in liquid

Oscillation of block in liquid is another example of simple harmonic motion whose time period is given by



H = Vertical height of block inside liquid in equilibrium condition.